Event Management

Bukhari Travel & Tourism Services

The Group holds the honor through its dedicated event management team to initiate and successfully conduct the first ever travel expo under the Badge of Pakistan Travel Mart inviting national and international exhibitors and Industry stakeholders to participate and showcase their offerings to the travel, tourism, mobility and hospitality trades The success story of events conductedso far:

Pakistan Travel Mart (PTM):

For three consecutive years, commencing in 2017 till 2019, the platform ful filling its goals, provided opportunity to explore new avenues to conduct business with local and international industry partners from countries across the globe including Thailand, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Italy and many more!

PPDL (Pakistan Poultry Dairy & Livestock Expo):

PPDL Expo is a platform established to unifythe key stakeholders from Poultry, Dairy and Livestock Industry giving exposure to them and letting these stakeholders maximize their business avenues.
Successfully conducted through 2 consecutive years (2018 –2019)

PakistanTourism Summit (PTS):

Yet another event was organizedwith the idea to strengthen the travel trade of the country under the name Pakistan Tourism Summit which was conducted in the year 2019 as the largest ever convention of tourism stakeholders from all over the globe!